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| steamname: High Resolution Hero | steam3ID: [U] AB AB Feb Pag/D, Jun. These L2 VPNs are created using a collection of one or more point-to-point . 1. Introduction. The IEEE has defined Pag Connectivity Fault Management [Pag] IEEE Draft Pag/D8 “Virtual Bridge Local Area. IEEE Pag/D8, Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area What is claimed is: 1. A method, performed by a first network device, the.

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Although preferred embodiments of the present invention have been illustrated in the accompanying drawings and described in the foregoing Detailed Description, it is understood that the invention is not limited to the embodiments disclosed, but is capable of numerous rearrangements, modifications, and substitutions without departing from the scope of the invention.

Semaker 3D D, Jan 09 Systems and methods for connectivity fault management extensions for automated activation of services through association of service related attributes. The method of claim 5wherein constructing the linktrace reply message based on the input linktrace message comprises: NetFlow data plane records are preferably filtered so that they are not sent to the proxy 52as they are not needed. As each packet is received by a node, it may push a new label onto the stack of a packet before forwarding it on, pop a label from the stack, or swap one or more of the labels with new labels.

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The apparatus of claim 17 further 1zg means for receiving a response to said connectivity verification message, said response comprising a packet generated at a remote proxy. The concepts described herein provide for auto-provisioning of network IDs e.

Typically, the first 4 octets of CFM packet are considered header information. System and method for providing a sequence numbering mechanism in a network environment. Preserving sequencing during selective packet acceleration in a network environment. Accordingly, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description and shown in the accompanying drawings shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

CFM header may include information similar to 1wg information described above in connection with FIG. The device of claim 8, where the device determines that the second MEP identifier is not associated with the device, and where the one or more processors are further to: Packets sent from the proxy appear at the forwarding device with the de-agg label.


USA1 – Network monitoring using a proxy – Google Patents

It has thus been shown that the present invention provides a consistent way of identifying PBB-TE point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services. The LLDP agent can be configured to operate in 8002 modes. The communications network of claim 1wherein the Management VID is globally reserved. As in the case of L3VPN, the packets received on the remote node may be forwarded onto the proxy associated with the remote node for processing, as per the configuration of the proxy at the remote node.

The utilization of MD levels enables, among other things, the separation of responsibility for network administration. The disclosure should in no way be limited to the illustrative implementations, drawings, and techniques illustrated below, including the exemplary designs and implementations illustrated and described herein, but may be modified within the scope of the appended claims along with their full scope of equivalents.


Secondary storage may be used to store programs that are loaded into RAM when such programs are selected for execution. Although implementations associated with the concepts described herein may be described in reference to the IEEE In 1ay, the IEEE It will be appreciated that bridge may be capable of providing services not specifically described herein.

In this manner, direct connection of the NMS with each individual device is unnecessary and an additional network technology need not be introduced to support the Ethernet DCN. Referring now to the drawings, and first to FIG. The TLV header includes an extension type field for identifying TLV extensions, which may be about seven bits in length.

Connectivity Fault Management CFM is a very important component in enhancing Ethernet with carrier-grade functionality. The PBB-TE protocol requires all network connectivity paths to be explicitly created instead of spanning tree. A component, as used herein, may include, for example, hardware, software and hardware, firmware, etc. If the originating node does not receive an acknowledgement from the receiving node, then the connectivity to the destination node is not verified.

System and method using RSVP hello suppression for graceful restart capable neighbors. Packet transmission apparatus, packet forwarding method and 820 transmission system. The apparatus of claim 19wherein the linktrace initiator is configured to transmit s8 constructed linktrace message to a second bridge by: The communications network component of claim 17wherein the IEEE 1ga allows an operator to run connectivity checks at a faster rate and at a much greater scale than if the checks were generated and processed at the 820 edge device.


The core network further includes a plurality of 820 forwarding devices provider P nodes 18such as routers, bridges, gateways, and other connectivity devices operable for transport and switching message traffic.

Sequence number field may indicate a sequence number for the CCM and may increment if the CCM has to be re-transmitted. When the packet arrives at remote provider edge device 50 082, the PE performs a lookup for the control word and identifies the control channel type. It will be apparent that aspects described herein may be implemented in many different forms of software, firmware, and hardware in the implementations illustrated in the figures. System and method for exchanging information in a mobile wireless network environment.

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In addition, the LLDP agent stores configuration information that specifies the set of ports on which a local system transmits management VIDs. According to still another aspect, a computer-readable memory device having stored thereon instructions, executable by at least one processor, the computer-readable memory device may include an instruction to select a first network identifier based on one or more messages received, an instruction to transmit a first message that includes the first network identifier, an instruction 8022 determine whether the first network identifier is available, and an instruction to auto-configure the first network identifier with respect to a device if it is determined that the first network identifier is available.

The apparatus of claim 12wherein the linktrace responder is configured to identify an egress port by querying 1sg database associated with the first bridge 1qg the destination address parameter and the VID parameter of the input linktrace message as parameters for a lookup operation.

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