How does the Audax HMZ0 compare with the Scanspeak 10F for midrange for a HzHz range in terms of sound quality? With the. 21 cm / 8″ PRO Midrange with Audax’s worldwide patented HDA-Aerogel-Cone. Extremely high SPL of 99 dB! Can be used in any HIGH-END application where . We have stock of many of the popular drivers like HMZ0, HMZ10, HMC0, HMZ18, PRM0 and also stock of many rare and hard-to-find Audax.

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As I wound the volume up, the sonic performance definitely improved. Just how loud do they go?

It was like having a wall of sound coming from the left and aduax right sides of my room. The Jupiters also have a nominal impedance of 2 ohms so, their minimum would be lower than that. They currently produce eleven hn100z0 models of speaker from bookshelves to floor-standers, center speaker models, and subwoofers.

The bases of the speakers have a 2″ MDF molded piece to increase stability. All drivers have 2nd order acoustic roll-offs with responses that mimic a 2nd order electrical crossover.

Proraum Vertriebs-GmbH | Shop | Midrange Drivers | AUDAX HMZ10

AUDAX mm bass drivers. Each speaker is hand made from scratch, so the same quality processes that they have in place apply to all models. I suggested that a lower crossover point might be advantageous for the configuration. Introduction Equinox Loudspeakers, established inis a small speaker manufacturer based in the western suburbs of our magnificent capital city, Sydney, Australia.


The hm10z0 were placed 3 meters apart, about mm from side walls and about mm from auax rear walls.

Audax HMC0 10 cm 4″ Midrange, Carbon Fibre cone, rubber HC surround.

If you have the room and want a speaker that you can drive extremely hard without compromising sound quality, I would definitely recommend and audition of these speakers. Bullet tweeter 20mm coil – 40W – dB mm o. At nm100z0 dB 1 watt each, this could constitute about dB watts for the pair without the room loading adding any!

Accuracy, Distortion, auax the Audiophile. This could be due to the room as I mentioned earlier or possibly because of another theory that I did discuss with Rick.

Audax HM100Z0

OK, so they are excellent with loud rock music I hear you say. The b ass drivers are Audax HMZ12 which use Aerogel cones, cast frame, rubber surround, and flat wire on a Kapton former. The crossover is finished with multiple paralleled ME polypropylene capacitors.

The loudspeakers supplied for review were finished in a Beech veneer, which is quite popular these days, but are available in other finishes. The Equinox Uadax are a lot of speaker for relatively not so many dollars. They are definitely not for everyone though. Triple binding posts Dimensions: AUDAX mm bas-mid drivers.


I could only bi-wire them in my tests, so the listening was done with half the bi-wired speaker cables connected to the bass section and the other to the mids and tweeter which were paralleled by a heavy gauged shorting straps.

Let me tell auda it was an effort and a half. You are welcome to email for further information. Where they were placed was where they stayed. Other HIFI speaker units.

Terms and Conditions of Use. Anyway, let’s see how they performed. The WAF may be low, seeing they take up so much room, but may be high if your spouse likes big beautiful cabinetry. Forget about moving them in or out when I wanted to use them either. The baffle is made from 60mm MDF and has a unique concave curve to which all akdax drivers are mounted.

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