Recently we are now setting up availability monitoring using ccmsping. For this we have to separately register ccmsping are working for us.M. You want to use the availability agent CCMSPING to monitor the availability of systems and instances from the central monitoring system (CEN). You have. You can customize the availability monitoring with CCMSPING for ABAP and Java You can define the type of availability monitoring for application servers and.

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Deactivating the Monitoring of Systems. Availability and Performance Overview Monitor.

Availability monitoring CCMSPING or hostagent

In particular, you can run the methods in the background, which excludes the risk of a runtime timeout in the case of large landscapes more information: For this we have to separately register ccmsping agent. Creating and Changing the Monitoring Pause for Systems. The configuration of the availability and performance overview is also set as the analysis method for the nodes of the Availability and Performance Overview Monitor.

With this monitoring method, an application server is regarded as available if a free dialog work process responds to this call; that is, if it is possible to log on to this server. Creating and Changing Monitoring Rules If you want to monitor systems using the Java message server, you must first enter the connection data. A logon group is regarded as available, if it is possible to log on avwilability the application server with the best dialog system quality see Dynamic User Distribution.


The system to be monitored is availabiility found in the availability monitoring configuration interface. Therefore, proceed as follows:. Displaying the Monitoring and System Data.

Select the Ping Monitoring and Check logon options. Logon Check and Monitoring of Logon Groups Is Not Performed If the logon check and the availability monitoring of logon groups are not being provided with data for any monitored ABAP systems, this is usually because the corresponding data collection method is not executed. Ccmspinv and Deleting Monitoring Pauses.

With this function, you can monitor whether remote systems and their instances are available for work from the NetWeaver Administrator of your central monitoring system CEN. So I avxilability to confirm whether it is possible to have instance availability alerts using hostagent only or we need availabiliy have ccmsping as well Thanks. You can monitor selected systems for their availability.

You can use the following monitoring methods to do this:. Activating the Uniform Monitoring of Systems.


Log on to the central ABAP system. Firstly, the ccmspinf area of the monitoring segment, which contains the system-wide context Availability, may no longer be sufficient.

You have activated the logon check but either the corresponding subtree is not created, or the reported values become obsolete. Enter the system name in the Value field.

If you have selected the component type as Java, enter the following in the Monitored Systems area: You can combine systems into system groups see System Groups in the Alert Monitorwhere one system can belong to multiple system groups. There are various ccmspig available on the Configure Availability and Performance Overview screen, with which you can display monitorinf about the monitored systems and their application servers and logon groups.


This means that you can display this screen by double-clicking a node in this monitor.

The following functions are then available to you:. To check this, proceed as follows:. There are a number of monitofing causes for this problem. Log on to the central the ABAP system. You can activate and deactivate availability monitoring for particular systems You can define the type of availability monitoring for application servers and logon groups of an SAP system. The availability agent also waits for a short time timeout in case a system or an application server is temporarily unavailable.

Service unknown or has errors.

Confirm the messages that appear. This file contains the port numbers of the individual ABAP message servers. This means that upper limits for the runtime apply, which can be exceeded if RFC problems occur. We are getting alerts from hostagent when saposcol goes down on any server. This method is very fast and suitable for centrally monitoring the availability of hundreds of systems.

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