We have 6 Billion BiPAC GX Series manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Quick Install Manual, Quick Start Manual, Specifications . BiPAC (G)X(L) Series Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: Bipac x, Bipac g, Bipac gx, Bipac xl, Bipac g. 3G/ADSL2+ (g) (VPN) Firewall Router. BiPAC (G)X(L) Series Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: Bipac x, Bipac gx, Bipac.

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You can always try the manuals where most questions should be answered from the manufacturer.

Email Status Details and status for the Email Account you have configured the router to check. SHA-1 is more resistant to brute-force attacks than MD5, however it is slower.


Qos – Quality Of Service Users who do not understand the features should not attempt to reconfigure their router, unless advised to do so by support staff. Pure Bridge Profile Port: Enter the information provided by your ISP.

It is a public-key cryptography protocol that allows two parties to establish a shared secret over an unsecured communication channel i. Product 7402x and Contact In order to avoid unnecessarily increasing the load on mahual specified SNTP server you should keep the poll interval as high as possible — at the absolute minimum every few hours or even days.


The router can detect incoming service requests and forward either a single port or a mmanual of ports to the specific local computer to handle it. At the configuration homepage, the left navigation pane where bookmarks are provided links you directly to the desired setup page, including: The current status of the 3G card.

It is self-defined time period. Check the Enable box to activate the logs. Configuration Of Time Schedule Check Maunal to obtain IPv6 address automatically. User-definable name for the connection. The default is Auto, which users should keep unless there are specific problems with PCs not being able to access your LAN.

If set to enabled, a route will be created which directs packets to the remote end of the PPP link. If remote hostname matches, tunnel will be connected; Time schedule also help you to only limit utilization at daytime.

Please note that the contents of this list will vary, depending on what is supported by your ISP.

Billion BiPAC 7402G User Manual

The remaining ports, referred to as dynamic ports or private ports, are numbered from through If you require high security for transmissions, there are two alternatives to select from: In the Control Panel, double-click Network and choose the Configuration tab. Default is Auto, it is negotiated when establishing a connection.


The name of the card.

To issue an initial connection request for a new Billioon tunnel. IP Address Chapter 3: You may also change the name of the file when saving if you wish to keep multiple backups. A web browser is included as a standard application in the following operating systems: If the packet is high priority, it will flow first.

No predefined rule is being preconfigured. Open your browser and visit http: Select Internet Protocol Properties.

If you are a Dial-Out user cliententer the password provided by the your Host. A short SA time increases security by forcing the two parties to update the keys.

Factory Default Settings Before configuring your, you need to know the following default settings. Type the gateway to which the WAN packets are forwarded. The routers are installed in the head office and branch office accordingly. Isp Setting In Wan Site

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