Chaos: Making a New Science is a debut non-fiction book by James Gleick that initially introduced the principles and early development of the chaos theory to. Caos: GLEICK JAMES: Books – Title, Caos Osservatorio straniero. Author, James Gleick. Publisher, Rizzoli, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. Science.

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I picked it up now, only because it has been on my shelf forever and I have long meant to read it.

Chaos: Making a New Science

When reading science books, it’s difficult to know whether what you’re reading is current or not. The first popular book about chaos theory, it describes the Mandelbrot setJulia setsand Lorenz attractors without using complicated mathematics. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There are newer books on the subject but none better for us lay vleick.

Somehow, I must have missed out on the nuances of that book.

Caos La Creacion De Una Ciencia : James Gleick :

There is infinite “space” for possibilities within the finite categorical “area” of chocolates, not to mention the finite volume of the box. Of the three, the only one that we can see and play with is chaos. Having said that it is highly advised to google the terms described in the book, like ‘fractal …more Not to the extent that you will miss the point.

He floats too far above the actual science and complexity. Mitchell Feigenbaum, a theoretical physicist at Los Alamos in caoe early seventies, and two other scientists working together independently of him, are working on the problem of turbulence and.

In a complex system, the most minuscule change in initial conditions leads to drastic or unpredictable changes in the output.

Caos : James Gleick :

No equations and lots of graphs, but that’s just to make sure the general public isn’t scared away. His first book, Chaos: However there were many sections that bored me and aperiodic jumps in his focus that left me lost a bit. Then, cxos may wind up contemplating how much of that migration was due to Jeff Goldblum’s ham-fisted illustration I finally read the book that ought to have been required reading for freshman physics majors for the past 20 years! In that dissipation new forms are born.


This book glelck a disappointment. Contains the obligatory Jurassic Cals references in case you were worried. Jul 18, Steven Williams rated it really liked it. His narrative is compelling, yes, the stories are interesting, sure, but he doesn’t grab the central characters as well as a new journalist like John McPhee does. View all 4 comments.

I can see Strange Attractors and Fractals and unstable equilibriums in the most mundane places. Feb 05, Brad Lyerla rated it it was ok. Having grown up with a computer, I found most points argued in this book painfully glwick common sense.

It seems to me like this book represents a time in history before people had gotten accustom to handling complexity and information theory in computers.

Caos La Creacion De Una Ciencia

Making a New Science 4 24 Sep 03, Born in New York City, USA, Gleick attended Harvard College, graduating in with a degree in James Gleick born August 1, is an American author, journalist, and biographer, whose books explore the cultural ramifications of science and technology. Inhe founded The Pipeline, an early Internet service. Department of Justice and the European Commission.

A wonderful guide through what would ordinarily be a very difficult and frightening landscape. For instance, Mitchell Feigenbaum, who constructed gleuck regulated his life by a hour clock and watched his waking hours come in and out of phase with those of his coworkers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

coas That disclaimer aside, I found Gleick’s writing articulate, and seldom had much trouble visualizing what he was talking about, even listening to the audiobook. Precisely because caow was popping up all over, with just a few people in each of many different scientific fields, it was easy for scientists in any field to notice a paper or presentation, note the fact that is was completely different from the methods, logic, math that had relevance for their own work, that much of the work was in fact being done in other fields–and dismiss it.

Refresh and try again. A series of extremely interesting and well-written biographies and anecdotes which ggleick really explain directly what chaos theory really is. Gleick never makes you feel this and takes you through some very difficult concepts with care and assurance. The first two pages are quite good, before rapidly declining to dullness and staying there.


View all 3 comments. As for chaos itself, Gleick does an outstanding job of explaining the thought processes and investigative techniques that researchers bring to bear on chaos problems. It was a blockbuster bestseller at the time, and it’s still well worth reading, a fascinating, enjoyable introduction to one of the most important scientific developments of our time–the birth of chaos theory. I finally read the book that ought to have been required reading for freshman physics majors for the past 20 years!

Retrieved cao June I’m just not smart enough to get it. It’s worth having the print edition on hand for the pictures and diagrams, but if you don’t, the internet should suffice. In ChaosJames Gleick, a former science writer for the New York Timesshows that he resides in this exclusive category. Robert Sapolsky said that, “Chaos is the first book since Baby Beluga where I’ve gotten to the last page cao immediately started reading it over again from the front.

His early reporting on Microsoft anticipated the antitrust investigations by the U. Still, a whole lot more could have been done to illustrate the application and implications of the subject.

I finally picked up my own copy a couple weeks ago. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 18 August Return to Book Page. Making a New Science. The result is neither interesting nor informative.

If you haven’t studied science When reading science books, it’s difficult to know whether what you’re reading is current or not.

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