The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen Available teams were numbers in the catalogue plus some special. West Ham. 1. Claret base 2. Sky base 3. Claret base with flesh plastic 4. Red base with flesh plastic 5. White base with blue inners flesh plastic 6. Blue base. The complete team, starters and substitutes. 22 outfield players + 3 rodded keepers. Please specify in the ORDER NOTES the number and the name of the.

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The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen around The photo real players are no longer sold ctalogo single teams and are now sold in sealed packets containing a random selection of players from different clubs, which means there is the extra enjoyment of ‘swapping your doubles’ during lunch break to make up complete squads so that you can eventually play a game.

Gold, Tangerine, and possibly Amber. Nijmegen Hol Como Italy Italian sides. If you’ve just gone up the loft for the first time in 25 years and found a hoard of mint Zombies and thinking of booking a long haul holiday, don’t.

Catalogo HW

However, a few odd little kits had began to creep into the lists in the s such as Oldham at 37 and Grimsby at ref Red base white inners black shorts 4.

The classic heavyweight began to appear inand replaced the previous short sleeved player type very quickly. Blue base black inner. Red subbutso black inner 5.

Fulham 2nd in The Jamaica team pictured above is hand painted, with the shirt detail printed afterwards. Heavyweight figures were only produced untiland the figures in brackets are how long each number continued as a lightweight.

Later used by other Italian sides Genoa and Sambenedettese.


From left to right Northampton in the s. However, it also seems to have been produced with black paint replacing the blue. Red base with flesh plastic 5.

The official kit had blue shorts, but I have seen pictures of it worn with the white shorts from the home kit, hence Subbuteo’s confusion.

The Humbrol logo is used with permission. This is important, because some of the club colours change around this time, meaning that some of the earlier colours were produced in the new figure for a very short time. First version Claret shirt with blue V neck, light blue shorts.

This may have just been sold as a “named box” team see later in the lists When they changed to No23, this was left blank until it was deleted from the range.

Hol N. Although not an expert and dates are approximate, the images below should guide you in the right direction as to if you are in possession skbbuteo a heavyweight, lightweight, zombie, walker or scarecrow!

Was also Partick Thistle in the s. As with most things Subbuteo, there is no real rhyme or reason subuteo the process of replacing teams. White base with v-neck collar subbutso.

The early catalogues were quite clear that this had a diagonal or slanting band, and indeed that is the real River Plate kit. Other British clubs in subbjteo ’70s were Swindon, Crewe and Bournemouth. With the Zombie conceded as a near fatal mistake for the game, saw a hastily redesigned nw figure suitable for machine painting, the Lightweight.

Moulded with sock trim 5. Blue base with sky inners flesh plastic. White base arm stripe version with sock turnovers. The final incarnation of the lightweight comes on the single colour Hasbro one piece base on the far right, the figures are very slightly thinner and less well made than the first lightweights but for actually playing the game seriously, the new lower flat bottomed bases were a vast improvement, although lacking in fancy two tone colour combinations. In France this side was sold as Second version – Horizontal hoop 0although the horizontal stripe must have actually arrived earlier than these catalogue dates suggest F.


Subbuteo – Little Plastic Men H/W Team Box Guide

All photographs and text contained in this site may not be reproduced in any form without express permission. Sky blue base 3.

This also sees a return to red and yellow stripes. I know two people who collect Zombies.

subbuteo memorabilia old team

In probably the most loved and memorable of all the footballing figures was released, the Classic Heavyweight, which was more than likely designed by the sculptor Charles Stadden who was also responsible for other accessories in the Subbuteo range such as the World Cup trophy and various stadium figures. Black base black shorts 5. Second Version eubbuteo Blue Shorts. These figures types have gained the name ‘Moulded’ but each version has been given a further tag for identification purposes.

This highly detailed player was available until around increasing the range of teams to some in total. There seems to be a “with trim” version circa to match the Partick Thistle kit of the time.

By the late ‘s, Datalogo Sports Games Limited were selling so many teams the painters couldn’t keep up with demand and a new figure was needed that could be machine painted for the growing cataloyo and overseas markets.

Today, this is the most sought after figure type of all by collectors. Originally a fatalogo box side, this was sold as reference 28 in the late s.

Intro, Lightweights ss: History of the Subbuteo Football Figure.

Blue base arm stripes variation 5.

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