The Automotive Industry Action Group’s CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline is a great resource for learning more about what goes into. AIAG CQI LAYERED PROCESS AUDIT GUIDELINE. Check our one-day seminar on CQI 8, it provides attendees with an understanding of Layered Process Audits (LPA).

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As the voice of the U.

CQI – 8 : Layered Process Audit Guideline by AIAG –

Typical Steps for Developing and Implementing Audits A cross-functional team identifies existing key process steps to audit.

Program Owner Assigned to: Audit Frequency — How procss will each layer of the organization conduct the audit? What you decide to do with these insights is where the real work starts. Focus on key processes and process steps identified as requiring special attention from multiple levels of plant personnel to ensure compliance due to their criticality to customer satisfaction. Each organization may choose to develop specific requirements for Layered Process Audits, for example, layyered frequency of the audits or the minimum topics to be included in the question sets.

Whether the reference is intentional or not, LPAs and gemba walks share clear similarities. Therefore, the more focused the Audit check-sheet, the more effective. Careful analysis must be made before an item is deleted from the Layered Process Audit.

Copyright on content held by Quality Digest or by individual authors. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Employees typically do not refer to instructions or procedures before every step of a process; they often complete the processes by memory, which comes from repeating and practicing each step many times over. Example of an Operation-focused Layered Process Audit Check-sheet OP 30 Assembly Are the builders checking rotation and marking parts as required by work instruction xxxx-y?


Layered Process Audit Guideline (CQI-8)

Demonstrate the importance of key processes and key process steps by having plant management review those processes and steps with the operators. Automation slashes the resources required, xqi-8 some manufacturing sites to reallocate up to two full-time employees focused on audit scheduling and management.

A method to verify and sustain corrective actions related to process. Although organizations with mature lean programs are primed for LPAs, the most important ingredient for success is a genuine commitment to improving quality. Records showing that an error-proof “rabbit” was run at the beginning of each shift.

CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline

Audit questions are updated as required to incorporate the latest improvements and process updates based on audit findings, employee suggestions, etc. Many organizations struggle with issues around 1 communication, 2 consistent compliance to standardized process steps, 3 sustaining and institutionalizing corrective actions, and 4 driving customer satisfaction requirements to all levels of the organization. Error-proofing is added to an operation.

The competitive advantage, though, could lie in the chosen application of the common Audit approach. Audit Layers — What levels of the organization will be involved? Layered Process Audits should be focused where they will be most effective.

The gaps between a real gemba walk and a ‘formal audit’ process are not trivial. Earn CEUs and certification.


Layered Process Audits are not: Verification that processes and procedures are being followed. Audit frequency may also vary depending on the audit item. Multiple levels of plant personnel audit the manufacturing process to the same questions; delegating is not acceptable. Conducted by multiple management levels of personnel in a given facility. Processs Projects Volunteer committees focus on business processes or supporting technologies and methodologies. Audit frequency depends on personnel management level, not on availability.

CQI-8 | Layered Process Audit Guideline

Gemba walks are an essential strategy cqi–8 getting managers out of their offices to experience shop floor processes up close. You can audist and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file alyered another computer, including a networked server. Operators, supervisors, department managers, plant managers, and company presidents conduct the Layered Process Audit. A significant part of the audit process is ensuring that the Audits are performed according to schedule and that the results of the Audits are recorded.

Unlike an audit of a product characteristic or feature that is typically conducted only by an operator or a quality department team member, a Layered Process Audit is conducted by personnel ranging from working-level team members to personnel at the highest levels of the facility’s organizational structure.

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