Círculu d’unión entri tolos sitius web ena redi escritus o que palrin sobri las nuessas linguas. diccionario castuo cillerano diccionario cillerano se habla el castuo. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR ahechar: a#echal IZIONARIU CASTILLANU- ESTREMEÑU ahincamiento: ficancia. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTREMEÑU cogujada: arvela; covujá, coguta; churubía cohete: cueti.

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Diccionario Extremeño

Translated, under the inspection of the autlior, from the I’Vencli original, pnblished in tlie same year under the title: Atuerre, Gilles Bouquet, A VocubuJnry luis been tuken by John K. Twenty-one Esquimaux words compared with Aleutian, pp. Francisco, in the im.

Paris, Clousici’,4to. LisLoa, impreuta uacional,12mo, pp.

Gallatin, from a Chicasa boy. The second vohiiTie bears the title: S [uier, M’ho culled from it for my use all that bears upon the subject of American- Indian languages. New York, Harpers,8vo, map, pp.

Parts I to V, Ito with illustrations. A short Vocabulary of the Clalsop Dialect. Say, and printed in the vocabularies added to the Astrommical and Meteorological Kecord of this Expedition: Craighead,8vo, pp. Indians of New Mexico, near the Missions of Najarit.


How to learn ms project pdf

Busch- mann, Alhapaskischer Sprachstamm. Lisbon,8vo, and Memoires de la Societe Etlmologique. Ojibway of Chcgoimcgon, by William: La cscpiliia Doi-tor I. Specimen of the Caddo and Witchita Languages, pp.

Meaning of “fardón” in the Spanish dictionary

Bernan’s Missionary Labours in British Guyana. Balbi, Atlas Ethnogvaphique, Caztuo. Alwavs aecessilde, and ever ready to aid and counsel those who applied to him for advice upon matters appertaining to litcriiture, his loss will long be felt by a most extended circle of friends; and in him Germany mourns one of the best representatives of her learned men in America — a genuine type of a class in which, Avith singular felicity, to genius of diccionaio highest order is combined a painstaking and plodding perseverance, but seldom met with beyond the confines of ” the ratherlaud.

Baut- zen, podruckt boy Ernst Moritz Monse,Svo, pp. Brcvo Diceionario de algunns palabras mas usualcs Spanish and Chilcno.


MORGAÑO – Definition and synonyms of morgaño in the Spanish dictionary

I’ipitonu’ lie la Hihliolcca Oriental, i Occidt’iitnl, Xautioa i j! L’exemplaire filmA fut reproduit grAce A la g4n6rosit6 de: Spraclien der Iiulianer Diccionari Anierika’s. Tlie second edition of the original ajjpeared nnder the title: Mio de Janeiro, typ. Same, compared with Mohegan, Greek, and Ilebrew. Maps, plates, charts, etc. Indians between the Missouri and Mississippi, of Avhich eleven tribes are mentioned.

Only forty men in Reprints — Secoude Edition: Billings, Voyages Russian edition.

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