by lukaheq. Siema, spolszczenie do drakensang the dark eye. Miłej gry:) Solucja/Walkthrought To poradnik dla ciebie! Zapraszam:) Hello, you not can cross. The intention here is not to provide a full break-down of the Dark Eye P&P rules, but to make your life a little easier if you want to play this game.

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He will thank you for help and join your party. He will also point you the way to your friend’s house 7 Bad news await you on the spot – Ardo, your friend is one of the murder victims. You can give him either 1 Farthing, 1 Thaler or 1 Ducat. Kill it and you will receive a thick fur which will make for a perfect beard. Once you get closer a fight will break out.

Take the lunch to the woodcutters Take the lunch to the woodcutters. Destroy the evil tree The fight with the tree is not easy. Furthermore, this guide tries to remain spoiler-free wherever possible; it is NOT intended to be eys complete walkthrough, and remains intentionally sketchy in several areas.

She claims to have been cursed. It is standing by the river but is not willing to come back. Pressing it will open drakesnang secret cache with treasure in it. Search for Morlinde in drakkensang marsh Morlinde 21 is in one of the crypts. After the cutscene talk to Salina. Use fast talk and convince them to go to the “Fleet Footed Ferret”. He will also take the recipe book, you’ve found on Rufus’ body. I can relate to how it is coming into one of these tabletop-based games and wondering why my characters keep dying over trivial encounters, or why things just do not work like I thought they would.


Społeczność Steam :: Poradnik :: Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]

Relate everything to Saphira If in Take the mix of spices to the cook you went for option 2 go back to Saphira and tell her what you’ve done. Relate everything to Saphira Drakeensang in Take the mix of spices to the cook you went for option 2 go back to Saphira and tell her what you’ve done.

Enter it and talk to Debero 2. He will tell you to enter the warehouse – inside there will be Ulwina. Tree by the bridge Save porradnik tree She has paid them to free her man.

If you kill pordanik you will receive the burial jewelery. On your way you will encounter some orc squads. Hugo and his wife From chapter six on: House of Ulwina Neisbeck I.

Candied kosh bunting tongues you can sell it later for up to 50 ducats Option 3: Use Human Nature during the conversation to find out that he cannot be trusted. A most excellent starter guide, providing lots of insight and hints without dropping the spoiler bomb Appreciate your work and uploading for us!


She will offer to help you if you’ll bring her the ceremonial wine from the Inquisition camp. If any one of them notices you, you will be forced to fight and receive a quest Get rid of the witnesses.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry)

Find hunter Owlstone Your mission is to find Owlstone. Besides him, you will see Alvina. Third part of the puzzle Near the place where you met Rakorium is a grave with fye buttons You won’t get any reward but will be able to listen to a rather interesting dialog. Reto will send you over to Jallik 2.

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