Also known as the Viziers, the Sidereal Exalted are the champions of the Five Maidens and the keepers of Fate. The Chosen of the Maidens are the savants and. Sidereal Exalted also frequently possess martial arts. Indeed, Sidereal Exalted are noted as martial arts masters, and often develop entirely. Nobody thinks about the Sidereal Exalted. That’s just the way the Sidereals want it. Once upon a time, they advised the Solar Exalted god-kings of Creation.

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And not just because the game is sort of forcing you to by making Solars the strongest Exalts who are the only ones who are exaltted and can do anything of interest IMO if it’s well designed, players shouldn’t feel that way.

Their patron is the Maiden Mercury. Originally posted by Morangias View Post. You should check them out.

Most Sidereals also have ranks in the Luck advantage. Each such Destiny draws heavily on the archetypes of one of the constellations which inspires the magic of the Sidereals; each allows the Sidereal to present a face to the world that will not be forgotten.

Because of this, the Sidereals have lurked in the shadows since then, manipulating the course of not sldereal the Realmbut Creation as a whole. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. I’ve often found “manipulate Fate” to be a rather vague description of what Sidereals do, but a Solar’s own Charms couldn’t xealted things siddereal punch a person and give them a choice between taking the damage or having sideresl really unfortunate coincidence suddenly appear.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Append content without editing the whole page source. Retrieved from ” http: Morphing their form is something they can no more do than they can shoot their mouths off at the ends of tentacles to bite somebody established in that sidebar laying down the rules for Charms ; it’s just completely out of their wheelhouse.


They will remember roughly what happened in the scene, but will attempt to attribute actions the Sidereal took to others, or possibly as having occurred by happenstance or coincidence.

Is there any reason it takes so long to enter a Resplendent Destiny? Now, the Solars are once again returning, trying to reclaim their former glory. Unless I’m reading the Charm wrong, it’s not even close to the Eclipse problem.

Sidereals – 1d4chan

Sidereals may have any number Resplendent Destinies created at once, although she may don only one at a time. Indeed, Sidereal Exalted are noted as martial arts masters, and often develop entirely new martial arts. Creating a new Destiny is an Astrological Project p.

Because of certain actions taken during the usurpation of the Chosen of the Sun, all of the Fivescore Fellowship became stricken with Arcane Fate, which makes it sidwreal difficult for people to remember they exist at all. I have approximate knowledge of many things.

Could somebody point me in the right way please. The goddess Jupiter acts as patron to these, the sorcerers and counselors of heaven, guiding the Chosen of Secrets from the Forbidding Manse of Ivy.

Those who are to become Sidereal Exalted have that fate written in the stars from the moment of their birth, sometimes even before. The attack was not without cost, however, and siderwal Sidereals suffered many casualties as well.


exlated A Chosen of Endings can blossom his anima into a field of terrible entropy, causing his strikes and those of his allies to land with deadly accuracy. Arcane Fate and Resplendent Destinies Due to the shattering of the Mask, the nature of the Sidereal Sideeeal has become inextricably tied with the nature of secrets and false faces.


Sure, Lunars and Sidereals have exa,ted innate abilities drawing form their celestial affinities, but if a Solar wanted to learn to morph into animal form or manipulate fate, is there any reason they couldn’t, given enough time and study? An individual that has their last intimacies of Sidereals eroded away at the end of the story forgets about the Sidereals- although they remain a few fragments of knowledge, it seems more like rumor and conjecture than something they’ve lived.

Sidereals – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

Has a colossal murder-on for the Fair Folk. Over the five days, all but a handful of the Solars were purged, their shards locked away in the Jade Prison and sank into the ocean. If you want to discuss contents of this page – sdiereal is the easiest way to do it.

They were also, befitting their position as Celestial Exalted, each allowed a vote in the Lower House of the Exwlted. Many elder Sidereals have higher ranks in Luck Control to represent their higher level of control over the Loom.

That Charms concerns me in an “unhealthy precedent for the game” sort of way but I need to go look at it again more closely. I was thinking about the Exalted hierarchy of power, and wondering if there is anything Sidereals sjdereal Lunars can do that a Solar couldn’t find some way to duplicate.

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