Hawkwood and the Kings is set in a parallel to our world’s late fifteenth century. I read Hawkwood and the Kings together with Century of the Soldier, which is. Light shelfwear to cover. Domestic orders shipped with USPS tracking numbers. Hawkwood and the Kings is the omnibus edition of Hawkwood’s Voyage and The Heretic Kings. The first two books in the five book series.

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In the eight years subsequent to the publication of The Way to Babylon, Kearney lived in Copenhagen, New Jersey, and Cambridgeshire, but at present hawiwood makes his home a stone’s throw from the sea in County Down, with his wife, two dogs, a beat-up old boat, and far too many books. The entire series is roughly pages. Trivia About Hawkwood and the Yeah, well that rule was broken for the only time this year in order to read the second half of Hawkwood and the Kings, The Heretic Kings.

He starts off retreating with the people, but emerges a hawkqood leader in battle.

Hawkwood and the Kings (Monarchies of God, #) by Paul Kearney

The ship’s captain is Richard Hawkwood, a veteran captain battling his own demons. A must read for fantasy readers. Cancel reply Or login to FanLit with: In a schism of it in a reformed “Macrobian” and a more and more jawkwood “Himerian” branch, simple, common or disowned clerics tend to be the most devout characters; in Ramusian church as well as Ahrimuz ummahsecular seduction brings the protagonists from the “right path”, while the true faith often is more dangerous and less rewarding.

It has interesting magical elements and has left me wanting to read the kinvs book. This series is a great place to start for new readers. Lord Murad, for example, is initially portrayed as an antagonist but by the end of the book he has gained tbe of the reader’s sympathy, whilst our erstwhile heroes Hawkwood and Corfe both have plenty of negative traits Hawkwood treats his wife badly, whilst Corfe fled Aekir rather than stand and fight.

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Hawkwood and the Kings: Best battle scenes in fantasy literature

Theology is le A strong parable on the dangers of phanatickal haskwood encoded in fantasy, placing all belief systems on the same plane in terms of moral valuation. Look at the map. I would love to see more Wertzone Classics as it would lead us to more great fantasy series which have the great benefit of being completed series.

Here Kearney produces some of his best and most exhilarating writing describing in great detail many a muddy and violent battlefield, and although there are elements of politics throughout the story I would say it is overwhelmingly a military fantasy. Paul Kearney is not a big name in fantasy but after having read The Monarchies of God series I believe he really should be. Open Preview See a Problem? Like the Christian Church, the Ramusian has both a centre of organisation and power Aand, akin to Rome and a spiritual centre Aekir, akin to Constantinople and, to a lesser extent, Jerusalem.

Alberec goes among the Merduks to preach the new doctrine and is taken before the sultan, who is amused by his story. Additionally the world is, in some ways, very reminiscent of our own Old Europe, Middle East, the New World – which I find makes things easy to keep track of.

This new edition will hopefully lead to a resurgence of interest in this over-neglected series. For his part, with the Fall of Aekir and the apparent death of the High Pontiff, Himerius is determined to rise to high office and see the entire continent ordered to his design. Hawkwood and the Kings is book one of the Monarchies of God. Abeleyn’s cousin, Murad, has discovered evidence of an unknown continent located across the sea and won the king’s approval to set up a colony there.

And at the very end he gives a portrait of the afterlife for some characters that is a beautiful view of a heaven I would li Great series! Although devastating wars have been fought with the Merduks, many of the western kingdoms have also been enriched on kigns with them.

Hawkwood and the Kings

Kearney avoids this by showing the Merduks to have honourable generals and soldiers amongst their ranks even kints their leaders are shown to be a mixture of the corrupt and the competent. Because other kingdoms are coming under attack from a spreading invading nation, the Church recommends a period of non-leniency, where potential sorcerers are rooted out before war erupts fully across the land.


One viewpoint in particular broke my heart then broke it again then took the stringy, bloody pieces and fed them to hyenas. The series opens with the Merduk armies of the Sultanate of Ostrabar capturing the holy city of Aekir after a lengthy siege.

Paul Kearney has become one of my favorite writers, and I eagerly look forward to his new novel in the The Ten Thousand series, Corvus.

This series was published between and in five volumes. Still, the complex politics and characterisation will appeal to fans of that work. Unfortunately didn’t get a lot of time to read in I’ve just ordered these from BookDep on your recommendation – can’t possibly go wrong with a WertRec eh?

I’ve read the Ten Thousand, and can’t wait to dive into these. Monarchies of God Vol. Ships from the West takes place seventeen years after hqwkwood preceding volumes in the series.

Unbeknown to the Torunnans, however, the Ostrabarans have secured an alliance with the supreme Merduk sea power of Nalbeni and landed a huge army south of the dike. Another quality reivew although a tad biased from you Adam. Preview — Hawkwood and the Kings by Paul Kearney. It is very, very clear haawkwood characters we are supposed to like and which to hate.

Jun 03, Benji Glaab rated it it was amazing. Didn’t realize I never posted the review I threw together a year back for this. Newer Post Older Post Home. It’s one of those books where I don’t find the entirety thd if a bit samey but the particulars are grating.

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