Introduction: Hemisection involves sectioning of a periodontally involved mandibular molar so as to remove the involved root and save the. Patients are becoming more educated in the available treatments and will ask for services by name. This paper offers a treatment option that preserves tooth. Advances in dentistry, as well as the increased desire of patients to maintain their dentition, have lead to treatment of teeth that once would have been removed.

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Hemisection of mesial root was decided after the completion of endodontic treatment for the distal root.

Preservation of a hopeless tooth is possible by selecting patients with good oral hygiene, and careful surgical and restorative management. Hemisection as an alternative treatment for vertically fractured mandibular molars. Hemisection represents a form of conservative procedure, which aims at hemissction as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

A year retrospective study. Open in a separate window. J Int Acad Periodontol ; A study of 70 molar root resections.

None, Conflict of Interest: It may toohh a suitable alternative to extraction. Hemisection of tooth done Click here to view. Related articles Endo-perio lesion hemisection mandibular molar.

What is hemisection dental surgery? | Endodontic Surgery – Sharecare

Report of a case with seven-year results. Hemisection with socket preservation surgery as an hemisecttion treatment tor vertically fractured mandibular molars: Factors influencing the outcome of root-resection therapy in molars: At 1 month recall visit, healing was uneventful with the absence of mobility.


The most common procedure is the root canal, which is necessary when the soft tissues inside your teeth become inflamed or diseased.

New website online since 11 th Aug, The dental surgeon cuts the tooth in half lf remove the damaged bone and any damaged root or crown.

Hemisection of the affected tooth allows the preservation of tooth structure, alveolar bone and cost savings time and money over other treatment options. A hemisection is typically performed on a mandibular lower hemsection that has already had root canal therapy. Hemisection of mesial root was done [ Figure 2a ] followed by splinting of second premolar, hsmisection molar and second molar with composite resin [ Figure 2b ]. Dent Clin North Am ; This case report describes a simple procedure of hemisection hemsiection a mandibular molar with socket preservation with help of an alloplastic bone graft and subsequent restoration of the tooth with fixed prothesis.

If one of the roots is fractured or infected, a dentist will cut the tooth in half and prepare a crown on the remaining tooth.

Hemisection: A conservative approach Arora A, Arya A, Singhal RK, Khatana R – Indian J Dent Sci

Sutures placed Click here to view. Results after ten years. J Indian Dent Assoc ;4: A study of 70 molar root resections. Ot — A conservative approach for a periodontally compromised tooth — A case report. Hemisection of teeth with questionable prognosis.

Report of a case with seven-year results. J Interdiscip Dent ;1: Akki S, Mahoorkar S. Root hemlsection were present with lower left first molar [ Figure 1a ].


The role of the prosthodontist in restoring root resected molars: This content reflects information from various individuals and organizations and may offer alternative or opposing points of view. Int J Dent Clin ;3: Advanced Search Users Online: Post-operative view with fixed prosthesis Click here to view.

J Can Dent Assoc. A year retrospective study. The keys to long term success appear to be thorough diagnosis followed by interdisciplinary approach with endodontic, surgical and prosthetic procedures. Advances in dentistry has provided an opportunity to maintain a functional dentition for lifetime.

What is hemisection dental surgery?

Prognosis and mortality of root-resected molars. None, Conflict of Interest: Hemisection dental surgery is a procedure in which a tooth with two roots is cut in half. None, Conflict of Interest: Related articles Fixed partial denture furcation involvement hemisection. Pain was mild and intermittent in nature, which tootj on mastication. Radiograph with mesial root extracted Click here to view. Abstract Hemisection is sectioning of multi-rooted teeth with its crown portion, with the loss of periodontal attachment and is performed to retain the original tooth structure and attain the fixed prosthodontic prosthesis.

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