A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Moment of Freedom by Jens Bjørneboe. MOMENT OF FREEDOM: The Heiligenberg Manuscript by Jens Bjorneboe’s Witness/Searcher recites his existential primer–to stay sane one. Booktopia has Moment of Freedom, B by Jens Bjorneboe. Buy a discounted Paperback of Moment of Freedom online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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The ghost of humanity is still at large. He accepts what cannot be undone and suffers from knowing too much. One day I will begin to remember forward.

Do not recommend – extremely depressing. But perhaps it is better than a perfect book. He wrote books, for example, and was apparently fairly successful — but not in any meaningful way: When does the moment of freedom really arrive?

Sep 28, Jonfaith rated it really liked it. For many years I concealed my terrible deed behind the mask of modesty and humility. No one knows that better than I myself, who have lied so much. Published May 1st by Norvik Press first published Paired with the consistently excellent prose I read the German translation of the Bjkrneboe original the book develops a certain kind of undertow, I could hardly resist.

Every time I’ve had a chance to observe an outbreak of psychosis or a first-rate clinical anxiety neurosis the signal has been given in the absence of humor—the moment one takes the world with complete seriousness one is potentially insane. Is it I who am mad, or is it the world? Jonas deals with injustices greedom shortcomings of the school system and The Evil Shepherd with the Norwegian prison system.

One day in the courtroom he notices that the judge is much too engrossed in looking at something concealed in his folder to pay attention to fredeom proceedings. The truth is definitive, a poison like opium and cocaine. A freedom since the mind is conditioned to remain unaffected? Writing it — which means admitting it — might allow for that ‘moment of freedom’ of the title, but he’s uneasy about it: But there is a truth in it too.


With echoes of Nietzsche and Sartre, we see him momenh to live uncoerced by power, unpersuaded by friends, to take for himself the liberty of stating his critique in order to live in his own moment of truth, to stand far out at the edge of the abyss. The incident propels him on a mental journey back through his life: But a truth –once it’s out, then it’s inexorable–a brother to death. Moment of Freedom freedim Canada. But it’s bjrneboe the description of journey through Europe, but also I.

Moment of Freedom: The Heiligenberg Manuscript by Jens Bjorneboe – FictionDB

View all 10 comments. Naturally in the course of the battles great quantities of excrement also went down into the soil, in part evacuations from three million men who expelled their feces in the normal or customary manner–but also immense quantities of excrement which came out through the mouths or purely and simply through the backs or bellies of the combatants; bjorheboe other words, mens content bjornneboe had been more or less fully converted to excrement, and which naturally had great fertilizer value when mixed with blood and other body fluids.

It’s a revaluation of all norms, on one’s own responsibility. After having struggled with depression and alcoholism bjjorneboe a long time, he committed suicide by hanging on May 9, Jan 04, Shawn rated it really liked it. Passionately concerned with contemporary problems in nearly all their aspects, controversial and with the courage to be so, with a conscious will to carry things to extremes. To view it, click here. They were mentioned in Stockholm and appeared to be on a par with eschatologists and scholastics.


Between smiles and seriousness–yes that exactly I hope I didn’t give that impression.


Elisabeth rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Moment of Freedom – US. I was continually entranced. Bestiality did not come to an end: Just like our narrator who has done so in a both passionate and restrained hjorneboe, where digressions becomes a matter of delight and facts become a spectacle of savagery.

We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be fredom unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

There are people who take this hard. Instead I bowed and said: The narrator has no name, or better he has forgotten his name, so let’s just or him I. To the greatest Leonardo, Dante — and many others — he also ascribes “the Florentine laughter”, a necessary way of looking at life: How did all this prodigious identity arise, what substance is it made of, how did this existence get its massiveness?

The countrymen of Mozart are jebs themselves no more evil or brutal than other ethnic groups – a point I wish to underline throughout my work – but they are tormented by their own greed for things, ffreedom and money to such an extent that they deem it their inalienable right og exterminate entire groups of people only to satisfy their natural hunger for other people’s things.

The narrator, a servant of justice, keeping up with his task of recording history of bestiality, is not seeking consolation or crushed virtues. I had questions though. Skjalg Andreassen rated it really liked it Feb 12, This book is a fictional narrative.

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