fitrianda utami studies Biology and Law. Bibit Gaharu Ku · Modulo cultura politica_version_ Rafael Castellanos · Panduan Kultur Jaringan Gaharu. Andri Sofda · THE MAGIC OF. Upaya Perbanyakan Tanaman Penghasil Gaharu (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk) Teknik Kultur Jaringan Tanaman: Implementasi beserta Aplikasi, dan Hasil.

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Kultur jaringan-gaharu | Kultur Jaringan Esha Flora | Flickr

Inas many as gaharu trees will be induced. Rafflesia Patma has bloomed.

This intends to ajringan the damage to the pit portion of stem. As a consequence, gaharu trading is limited by trade quota. The liquid inoculant as induced into the holes in amount reached about 1 cc, and afterwards the holes left unclosed unplugged.

The portion percentage of tree death at 3-month age duration after inoculation by the fungi isolates. Chromatogram of the induced gaharu, originated from Dramaga sample tree with code-number gahadu Figure 4. Proceeding of 2ndNuclear Energy Technology Seminar Incense of the gods. It is estimated that best quality of gaharu only could be found far in the forest which needs several weeks to get it.

At present, the farmers obtained benefits from rubber harvest worth in price more than Rp. The necessitating of data-collecting methods, which are fast, in order to work out the valid and accurate data. Maintenance cost after gaharu producing trees have been inoculated consists of cost for security and harvesting: The injection needle contains ml of liquid, and the inward movement of the liquid into the stem is assisted by the injection pressure.


Artificial gaharu could be initially harvested one or two years after inoculation.

Callus regeneration into micropropagule tissueculture kulturjaringan plantpropagation plants plantbiotechnology cellculture tanaman hobbytanaman pertanianindonesia plantsofinstagram plantbased plantas plantpower plantlife – 2 months ago.

The positive margins were observed in the commodities of Gaharu, Rubber, Banana, Cassava and chicken. In the gaharu development, certainly the disease was expected to win, thereby kulutr the gaharu as desired. Perhitungan Kelayakan Usaha Gaharu. Other problem in inoculation might also caused by failure of the inoculated fungi to respond since different tree species would give different reaction.

Both the wood and oil are highly prized for the scent jaringwn.

Teknologi penggredan Gaharu sense adalah satu sistem pengkelasan pintar bagi mutu kayu gaharu yang telah dibangunkan oleh FRIM yang berkonsepkan penggunaan teknologi alat pengesanan bauan. In spite of its price, which is so jaringam, demand for gubal and kemedangan gaharu at international market keeps increasing.

In natural tropical forest, gaharu trees Aquilaria spp. Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Hutan dan Alam. Gaharu-yielding trees which were already induced, which in number reached 15 trees 21 Proceeding of Gaharu Workshop Bioinduction Technology for Sustainable Development and Conservation of Gaharu Meanwhile, the equipment as used consisted of portable electric generator set, electric drill borerdrill bits with 3-mm diameter, inducement device, measuring gauge tool, writing sets, camera, and labels.


After drilling, into the holes was injected 2 cc of liquid inoculant. It is well known that P is immobile, so lost to leaching would be small.

Tree jarungan that represents the test on the clone resulting from the combination of species and isolat should deserve a continuation kultru the so-called genetic-gain trial-test to look into the species as well as the isolat that afford the best qualities, and finally this ends up with finding the superior clone. The Pulong Tau national park is located between the Limbang and Marudi districts in north-eastern Sarawak.

The of gaharu development in horizontal direction, as observed 3 Pp: Counseling to the community regarding the procedures of gaharu endeavors that results from cultivation V.

Kultur jaringan-gaharu

The induction distance for each of those isolates as induced to the stem of gaharu-yielding Aquilaria spp. Its gaaru and price which tend to increase has resulted over exploitation of gaharu. Pengembangan Teknologi Produksi Gaharu bebasis pemberdayaan masyarakat. Consequently only very limited people have the capability to establish the business.

The K lost was due to harvest of fruits and tuber, respectively.

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