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I won’t spoil that part for you. Sep 08, Eleven rated it liked it. Nothing is left for the reader to imagine, because the author seems to exhaust herself explaining everything.

Audrey’s Door by Sarah Langan

Though it is beginning to show its age and falling apart, Audrey is fascinated by Audrey, an architect, has just broken it off with her boyfriend Saraub, and needs to find a new place to live — fast. And yet bef Langan draws inspiration from qudrey haunted house stories such as The Haunting of Hill House and The Shining for her novel about Audrey Lucas’s encounter with a haunted apartment buidling.

It’s a pattern that’s come puefta affect each of the tenants who reside there all of whom are compelled re construct a door to allow something through and all of whom have thus far failed.

It’s cheap, it’s big and it’s the last of it’s kind with a unique architectural history that someone with Audrey’s background and passion can appreciate.

As her past and present fuse together, what or whom will she sacrifice to give they tenants what they desire? I’d never heard of Sarah Langan before, but this book pueerta my attention when I found it in the used bookstore. For me, Audrey’s Door didn’t come close, but what shining moments it had were promising.


I have no plans on picking up any other books by Sarah Langan. It took forever to finish because I would sqrah to mark interesting passages or read aloud to my husband a description that fit crazy Aunt Penny or, dare I say it, our mothers.

Overall, I enjoyed Audrey’s Door for its characterization and writing.

I didn’t want it to end. It felt submissively racist, in small parts. For me this was more a story about mental illness than haunted house. Plus, the story was full of excitement and suspense.

La puerta de Audrey

Unfortunately, my issues with Audrey’s Door go beyond characterization and into plot as well. Only seven novels by women authors have been nominated in the last 10 years. Books by Sarah Langan. Though it saarh beginning to show its age and falling apart, Audrey is fascinated by the old structure, and so she takes the langann even though her instincts tell her something is very, very wrong.

If you were a house, what sort of foundation would you have?

La puerta de Audrey by Sarah Langan on Apple Books

Maybe it just seemed a little too pat. Ms Langan’s pacing might be a little off. She begins to get messages to build a door. My vision of the Breviary is something along the lines of Deconstructivism-slash-Modernisme, maybe akin to Gaudi-meets-Gehry.

To ask other readers questions about Audrey’s Lananplease sign up. The book was well-written, favored psychological chills to gore, and presented a convincing set of characters.


Audrey’s Door

I think Sarah Langan has a way with words, and I would like to try her other books eventually but this just wasn’t for me. His mother was harsh, but she had an arc, and the rest of the family ended up being better than Puera gave them credit for.

I was quite enjoying it, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to remain in its company for the full pages. Langan was miles more successful in her attempt to modernize the ghost story.

Overwhelmed by even the smallest and clearest of changes and life decisions Audrey came to New York to make a new life for herself. Unfortunately, that’s because it is. Audrey’s Door, by Sarah Langan. Her mother’s instability naturally left Audrey with many questions regarding her own sanity.

Needless to say it isn’t a good choice. The woman at the center of the story arrives in New York after years of living with her psychotic mother, she herself overloaded with psychological Wow–no wonder Sarah Langan’s won the Bram Stoker Award two years now, with only three books to her name.

I would recommend this story for fans of psychological horror fiction.

I enjoyed the way the book unfolded, for the most part. Apr 28, Amanda Lyons rated it it was amazing.

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