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If you find you have committed a fault against an individual and that individual is within your reach, go and confess it immediately, and get that out of the way. He makes the truth stand out in such aspects that it crushes the proudest man down with the weight of a mountain.

Look back at the history of the Jews, and you will see that God used to maintain religion among them by special occasions, when there would be a great excitement, and people would turn to the Lord. He thought that if he humbled himself and entreated God, perhaps God would spare him this blow. Wherever you find anything wrong, resolve at once, in the strength of God, to sin no more in that way. How often have we seen Churches, and even whole denominations, cursed with a curse, because they would not wake up and seek the Lord, and pray: And if they are not awakened, they may know assuredly that God will visit them with His judgments.

If it were not necessary for God to influence men, if men were disposed to obey God, there would be no occasion to pray: You cannot have such love without confidence; and you cannot restore confidence without such evidence of piety as is seen in a revival.

And the evidence is, that when you have done praying, you could not tell for what you had prayed. Hence, all the necessaries of life are obtained with great certainty by the use of the simplest means. Letures worst of human beings are softened and reclaimed, and made to appear as lovely specimens of the beauty of holiness. It is just as easy to make your minds feel on the subject of religion as it is on any other.


Why, generation after generation has gone to hell, while the Church has been dreaming and waiting for God to save them without the use of the means.

She knew there would be somebody to come, for she felt as if God was going to pour out His Spirit. Now, these excitements can only be counteracted by religious excitements. As you go over the catalogue of your sins, be sure to resolve upon present and entire reformation. Perhaps, and for aught you know, the fact of your offering the right kind of prayer may be the thing on which the event turns. At length she became full of joy, and exclaimed. There are various ways for God so to indicate His will to a finnye sometimes by giving them peculiar means, sometimes by peculiar and alarming reviva,s, sometimes by remarkably favoring the employment of means, or by the state of the public health.

Recollect all the instances you can, in which you have detected yourself in the exercise of pride. There never will be a revival till somebody makes particular efforts for this end. Because he has turned his eyes away from the objects of sight.

And you will find in the end that you can remember can amount of history, and particular actions, reliigon in this life, which you did not think you would remember in eternity. But you can come in a name that is always acceptable.

Lectures on Revivals of Religion

Perhaps you have not cared enough for them to attempt to learn their condition; perhaps not even to take a missionary magazine. The agency of God is twofold: Do you daily pray for them in private?

It is fraught with all that is dangerous to the interests of Zion, is death to the cause of missions, and brings in its train the damnation of the world. A key theologian, Finney had an important impact on the Second Great Awakening.


What it is to break up the fallow ground, in the sense of the text.

Lectures on Revivals of Religion – Charles Grandison Finney – Google Books

This principle holds true in moral government, and as spiritual blessings are of surpassing importance, we should expect their attainment to be connected with great certainly with the use of the appropriate means; and such we find to be the fact.

Have you not so envied some, that you have been pained to hear them praised? A “Revival of Religion” presupposes a declension. His soul was in agony. It will bring forth no fruit. Backslidden Christians will be brought to repentance. The luxuries are more difficult to obtain; the means to procure them are more intricate, and less certain in their results; while things absolutely hurtful and poisonous, such as alcohol and the like, are charkes obtained revjvals by torturing nature and making use of a kind of infernal sorcery lectuures procure death-dealing abominations.

Do you think such petitions would move the Legislature? They only exert powers reliion they had before, in a different way, and use them for the glory of God. So if a man thinks of God, and fastens his mind on any parts of God’s character, he will feel – emotions will come up by the very laws of mind.

In wrath remember mercy. There have been Churches in this country where the members have died off, and, since there were no revivals to convert others in their place, the Church has “run out,” and the organization has been dissolved.

Perhaps you have weakened their influence by insinuations against them. How many times have you seen your brethren growing cold in religion, and have not spoken to them about it?

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