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Indicator-based assessment of wilderness quality in mountain landscapes. Moreover, our allocation of reservoir evaporation relied on reference ET.

We are studying the metapopulation biology of Alpine capercaillie using a traditional field methods, and b landscape ecological, and c population genetic approaches. Governance arrangements, funding mechanisms and power configurations in current practices of strategic spatial plan implementation.

The influence of increasing temperature and CO 2 concentration on recent growth of old-growth larch: These rare species are therefore good indicators as to whether the natural forest reserves really help biodiversity. Reserva Cazumba esta entre as 10 no pais com alto grau de implementacao.

Diets depend on the animal, the production system considered,and whether confinement is involved at the finishing stage Figure 4. The application of the WF in the region, and more generally Brazil, has been lim-ited55,88,,,, and mainly focused on quantifying volumes of freshwater needed for agri-cultural products. This thesis proposes a framework to combine bothperspectives before applying a new harmonized water footprint assessment to soybean and cattle pro-duction in Southern Amazonia, a region of historically high deforestation rates.


Differences in industrial uses are primarilyattributed to our separation of confined animals from industry, as well as our focus on extractive andtransformative industries. When considering our top-down VWF accounting approach,the value of EFR was defined according to mean annual runoff following Smakhtin et al.


Journal of Biogeography, 45, The fate of impoundments following the re-moval of cattle on farm properties is an important question for future water resources management anduse, given that these water bodies could be available for other agricultural purposes such as croplandirrigation or aquaculture production, which has increased dramatically in the state in recent years seeSection 4. However, there has been mutual criticism between the respective communitiesthat has mainly amazonss on methodological steps, the meaning of WF results89,, contextualiza-tion of meaningful decisions using the WF, and other footprints more generally, Groundwater recharge predictions in contrasted climate: A similar comparison could not bemade in October during whichthe farmer applied irrigation to soybean planted in the Irrigated field due to equipment malfunction.

Forest ecosystem services in rural areas of Germany: Competition in local land use planning?. Environment and Planning C: TI e Comunicacao na conservacao da biodiversidade.

Ficha Limpa barra 25% dos candidatos indeferidos | Congresso em Foco

Reserva no Acre ganha lwi de polpa de Acai. Values of R t were obtained annually and interannually with three-month averages for the years listedabove. PLoS One, 12, 4: Model averaging in ecology: Land-use components, abundance of predatory arthropods, and vegetation height affect predation rates in grasslands.

Local loss and spatial homogenization of plant diversity reduce ecosystem multifunctionality.

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Positive diversity-functioning relationships in model communities of methanotrophic bacteria. Towards a predictive model of species interaction beta diversity. The AquaCrop calibration step requiresdefining amazoas extent of the canopy cover, the crop development cycle from field observations for majorstages shoot emergence, flowering, senescenceas well as soil characteristics.


This combined km3 y-1 approaches the current waterPlanetary Boundary of km3 y-1 Spatial consistency and bias in avalanche forecasts – a case study in the European Alps. Do long-distance migratory birds track their niche through seasons?.

Functional Ecology, 32, 2: Detecting the genomic signal of polygenic adaptation and the role of epistasis in evolution. The role of soil chemical properties, land use and plant diversity for microbial phosphorus in forest and grassland soils. All data filtering and calculation steps were performed using R Statistical Software v. The project advances the understanding of the effects of species mixtures on tree growth under a broad range of environmental conditions in Switzerland, and it eli this knowledge for further development of forest scenario models.

Small farm impoundments are a key source of drinking water for cattle inMato Grosso and should be considered carefully in on-farm water balances. Inagricultural water use qmazonas doubled to 0. All co-authorsprovided feedback on the chapter which was accepted for publication on 25 March Automated snow avalanche release area delineation — validation of existing algorithms and proposition of a new object-based approach for large-scale hazard indication mapping.

Bythe number of people living under medium and severe water stresscould reach 5 billion, with water demand more than doubling for domestic, livestock and electricity Tree Genetics and Genomes, 14, 6:

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