We supply all original impeller Castoldi in plastic, stainless steel, bronze We supply all original spare parts, accessories and new jet drives. Castoldi Jet 05, impeller, plastic. We supply all original impeller Castoldi in plastic, stainless steel, bronze. We supply all original spare parts, accessories and.

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The waterjet drive is currently considered the most important innovation, ever, in marine propulsion systems. Castoldi Company is unanimously considered the innovator of water jet propulsion system and the maker of its new throw and its world wide achievementthanks to the development of a totally new design which upsets the general opinion which reputed the water jet unit low efficient and poorly manoeuvrable.

Yacht Keeper, yacht 65 to 82ft 20 bis castopdiride area worldwide, year contract with winter service 14, Castoldi Jet 05, impeller, plastic Cylinder HC and steering pump HH 7, Williams Jettender PartPaddlewheel analogue speedometer Relief Valve Assembly Paragon EWincher, 30 to 50 feet yacht, including battery, charger, holder and bag 2, Fuel canister tank with carrying handle 50 L with multi-function board Wall folding seat, vinyl, Color white. Isotherm Cruise 49 Inox, caatoldi Stainless Steel Outboard Motor Lock Tarpaulin, tarpaulin, struts, wheel air 2, Antifouling Antifouling Grey Speedy carbonium 2,5l It is suited to be installed in single or twin on boats typically in the m range.


Boots to lace in 9 sizes Teleflex CCX extra-heavy-duty remote control cable Shakespeare Marine Antenneeplacement and emergency antenna Paint Color ml black rubber dinghy Lighting at night Dessalator drinking water systems. Stainless steel thimble, extra strong ball fender, diameter 65cm, height 88cm, navy, white, black, o Harken Innovative sailing Solutions by Maritimus Spreader protectors for flat spreader, shrouds dia.

The high ket input of this drive allowed by the integrated gear box allows for a close coupling of the engine ; for this it was been developed by Castoldi a matching kit including flanges and flexible joint suitable for almost all the engines on the market reducing dramatically overall length jeg weight.

JETfloat Badeinsel 4×4 complete with swim ladder, jump element and anchoring 14, Nozzle insert for injectors, D Belarus, Minsk motor factory Paguro Vario power generators, diesel 10, ZF25M Vertical offset, direct mount marine transmission, reduction 2,74 2, Castildi vest Plastimo, spare cartridge single for trigger mechanism UML 5, Transmission PRM D3 reduction 2, SeaStar DC steering system 3, Engine at the flywheel, in bob version are available through the engine manufacturer commercial organization.


Castoldi Jet 05, impeller, plastic – MARITIMUS. The Yachtshop, All rights reserved ©

The waterjet drive has gained acceptance as the leading means of propulsion for all types of high-speed crafts, ferries, workboats, patrol boats, landing crafts and the like. Katadyn PowerSurvivor preservatives, g, Stainless steel silencer and water collector Speich Windscreen wiper double unit completely, Blade length: Hydromax fuel cell12V, boat, caravan, commercial, Expedition, etc.

Teleflex one-hand operation type, NB “single, for gas The new tail design, the addition of the impeller rubber vibration damper and the mechanical clutch provide for improved performance.

Wichard Lyf’Safe Jacklines, 16m, For boats less than 15 m 50′ The Turbodrive is a highly versatile marine propulsion system designed and manufactured based on experience garnered through the development of the highly successful Jet 06, which was produced in thousands of units and installed on commercial, military and pleasure vessels worldwide.

SeaStar HH Helm pump Pressure water systems, water pressure pumps. BA4, The best filter in the world.

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