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Gloss Meters – Sologloss, Duogloss & Polygloss. DIN More info. call for prices. TQC Sheen > Products > DIN It is the only glossmeter combining highest accuracy, ease-of-use and multiple functionality – essential for today`s testing requirements. DIN Standard DIN The following devices are in accordance with DIN ZGM Glossmeter. The very first glossmeter featuring a ” touchscreen.

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International Organization for Standardization.

Deutsches Institut fur Normung e. National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. Device is with mature color QC software which can connect the colorimeter with PC. California Department of Transportation. Strategic Highway Research Program.

United Kingdom Highways Agency. If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly. Dln Council of Independent Laboratories. Code of Federal Regulations. Muncipal Engineers Association of Ontario. International Concrete Repair Institute.


Society for Protective Coatings. American Society of Safety Engineers. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Corp of Engineers Specifications.

DIN 67530 Standard Digital Gloss Meter 0.2%GU Repeatability Compact Structure

Hamilton Hydro-Electric System Specifications. Ontario Dkn, Regulations, etc. Goods and Services Identification Number. Reflectometer as a means for gloss assessment of plane surfaces of paint coatings and plastics.

Erosion Control Technology Council. Geosynthetic Institute Test Methods and Standards. National Fire Protection Association. American Society of Civil Engineers. Canadian Acts and Regulations. National Asphalt Pavement Association.

DIN Standard Digital Gloss Meter %GU Repeatability Compact Structure

All designs are for better user experience. Triple Angles Gloss Measurement Units 0. National Institute of Standards and Technology. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Standards of accredited organizations or other agencies. International Slurry Surfacing Association.

American Iron and Steel Institute. Gloss meters are mainly used in the surface gloss measurement for paint, plastic, metal, ceramics,granite tiles, building materials and so on. Florida Concrete and Products Association. American Water Works Association.


Society of Automotive Engineers. Every machine has metrology accreditation certificate di State Key Laboratory of modern metrology and testing instruments and Engineering center of the Ministry of Education in China. Institute of Transportation Engineers. DIN Reflectometer as a means for gloss assessment of plane surfaces of paint coatings and plastics.

National Concrete Masonry Association. International Municipal Signal Association. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. British Board of Agrement. American Wood Protection Association.

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