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Build Sequence Below are the build sequence for the forklift, trailer, pilot ship, the large red ship and the container crane. It is the only port in the City equipped with a container crane that can load and offload containers with great speed.

This is because as a 2nd hand set the sticker is long lost. Thank you for sharing.

At the entrance to the dock with the container crane are 2 warning signs to warn the dock users that the dock is narrow. Same goes for the forklift and the truck. Both the doors on either side have stickers to show the “transport” logo which is still used today. Great back story, wonderful pictures, and a great explanation of how it all works.

Instructions for 6542-1 – Launch & Load Seaport

I have 2 copies of this amazing set, I never got intercoastal seaport until much much later in my adult life, the 2 sets connect together so well. Opposite the guard house is a small traffic light to control incoming traffic. The scale and number of bricks required dwarfed even the largest airport constructed at that time. As an added bonus, the 8 hinged doors can open to reveal a large cargo area below deck! Wow I had seen this set before but never isntructions ho instrcutions and detailed it was.

The port is highly efficient and well equipped with its own pilot, container crane, docks, security and on-site container delivery and storage. I own this set and remember the excitement I had when I purchased it in early ‘s. They also ensure it is true kego the source material, in this case a container terminal that is typically found all over the world.


So many figs, and vehicals. That area could have been the engine room maybe that’s where the blue V8 engine goes? At the back there is fifth wheel to connect the trailer. Amazing photos, the video was also great and I really liked the “Record Facts”. The rear wheels are mounted on a plate which is then inserted into a technic hole.

The dock is huge; so huge that I have problems taking lnstructions good picture of the entire set without having those dreaded studio lines. A typical scene when a container ship is berth at the port.

This is followed by the 2 large legs on either side of the crane and the wheels to allow the crane to traverse the length of the dock.

Congrats on acquiring your dream set! The picture below shows how much can the container crane travel from one end to the other end.

Also it’s back to the future this year with the new cargo lgo using roughly the same crane design again almost 20 years on – good ideas don’t die, they get re-hashed every couple or dozen years! I own this set, off Epay when I left the dark ages. Unfortunately for me, the cost of this set was extremely high and coupled with the fact I need to ship it from the States or EU to Malaysia, it seem like it will be difficult for me to get this set The forklift also have warning signage at the front and front and rear istructions.

It’s too bad it cost quite a sum during those days it was the largest Town set at that time and out of my parent’s budget. With the increase in trade, came the need for better transportation of goods, particularly the movement of goods and products from one Town to another.


Like its real-life counterpart, the trailer can carry either 2 nos of 4×8 stud container 2 nos of TEUs inetructions 1 nos of 4×16 stud container 1 nos of Forty-foot container or FEU. instructtions

The control cabin is located at the very top of the container crane. It has a holder for a radio and a loudhailer to warn incoming ships of danger. However, overall this is a great set worthy of remake as a legend set. Gongrats on the Silver! In the instructions the prime mover is build first followed by the trailer. The price was right, I have a friend working in Singapore, 1 friend with a paypal account to help me buy, so I instantly ordered it!!

REVIEW: Launch and Load Seaport – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums

I can imagine a variety of goods stored in the area. Posted February 26, edited. Like all brick-build ships in this era, instrucyions black plates are placed on the bottom of the ship to create the “hovering” illusion. In this massive set we get 7 minifigures, 2 of them with life jacket. Under the operator’s seat is a knob to control the horizontal position of the claw while the knob behind the cabin is to control the claw’s vertical position.

This is a great set. I wish I’ll buy this set in the future.

The pilot boat’s captain is using the same torso as the ship’s captain, but he is wearing a life jacket. Those lucky enough to own sets like Cargo Station, Container Double Stack and even Victory Cup Racers instrutions easily integrate those sets to use the port facilities provided. A close up of the rail stoppers.

Thanks for the review ‘paanjang16’! I went for 9V trains, but I’d love to have this set.

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